Desperados was launched in December 2020 as a unique premium beer positioned to target fun loving people, who look for something extra in every occasion. It’s a playful brand that brings people together in life creating experiences that step beyond the obvious. The Launch presented the opportunity to develop compelling influencer-led storytelling to drive awareness for the brand.



The Humanz approach to this campaign resulted in a successful campaign which reached various audiences. The content produced by the influencers was not only aesthetically pleasing but also managed to meet and exceed the targeted KPIs.
The caption used to promote the Desperados brand was very engaging as it produced series of comments, RP and likes on Instagram.
An area in which this campaign was tremendously successful was in reaching as many people as possible, hence the incredible high impression rate at over 105% above proposed target and a high engagement rate of over 271% which was based on comments and RP excluding video views.


July 14, 2021


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