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It’s A Beautiful Day 

Musicians, brands and anyone who has access to a camera and data should take advantage of social media everyday, thanks to social media, it’s a beautiful day for Rushawn, whose version of “Beautiful Day” went viral on social media. 

Now he has a new track that will feature Jamaican Gospel singer Jermaine Edwards, who originally released the  song (Beautiful Day) in 2014.

Rushawn and Jermaine signed a Sony Music UK license agreement with all of the masters belonging to Jermaine and Rushawn, according to Sony Music UK A&Rs Preye Crooks and Milo Saville.

Rushawn, now a student of the B.B Coke High School, claimed the viral song was his ticket out of poverty.

Rushawn’s story changed because one of his teachers recorded him singing in school on that beautiful day. That day could have just remained in the classroom, if nobody recorded, Sony Music wouldn’t have found Rushawn. 

It could be a beautiful day for you too, put your content out there, be consistent with it, and work with marketing agencies like us who understand organic marketing.


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