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3 Important Things To Know Before Getting Your PVC

With less than 50 days until the 2023 elections, the countdown is on to find out who will become the next President of Nigeria. There are zero excuses for why you may still be undecided about joining the electoral process at this time.

If you’re yet to pick up your PVC, you don’t have to panic. This guideline we’ve created for you contains all the information you need to get yours without breaking a sweat.

Pick-up at your Registration Area:

INEC has made the PVC collection process easier by bringing these cards to the registration centers. From now to January 22nd, you can pick up your Permanent Voters Card when you go to your ward/registration centers anytime between the hours of 9am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday inclusive.

How to find your PVC Collection Center:

Locating your PVC collection center is no challenge as all you have to do is send a simple SMS with the name of your LGA and Ward to 09062830860 or 09062830861 and the address would be sent to you immediately.

What to take with you to the collection center:

Usually, the queues move really fast and you can be done with the process in minutes, but sometimes, there may be delays and you don’t want to be caught unfresh in these queues, so we here’s a list of items to take with you: your phones and power bank, earpods/earpiece, a bottle of water and snacks, gum, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, and most importantly, your registration slip that you can print out from the INEC website.

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