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AI art generator is one of the biggest trends right now but it doesn’t stop you from making an impact as a graphic artist or content creator because ‘I’ would always be greater than ‘AI’, yes this is an ‘aspire to perspire’ conversation, we are starting 2023 on a positive and optimistic note, happy new year. 

New innovations can always be used to your advantage, as a graphic artist, you can get ideas to create your designs with results from an AI art generator but the human touch would always be different, we humans are not robot, we are sentient beings, we can feel it in our soul when something is natural and we would always have a deeper connection with natural things.

The use of AI could also bridge the communication gap between a graphic artist and a client, imagine a client wants something designed, instead of just describing what they want with words, they could always send an AI art generated version, so the designer gets an actual picture of what the client wants because in the end, the AI art generators are still limited in one way or the other. 

So the message to all the creatives out there is to not be intimidated by artificial intelligence, you are more innovative, you have a soul and you are more intelligent than artificial intelligence so ‘I’ is greater than ‘AI’. 

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