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Challenges with Managing Talents

Talent, as an adjective, is a very broad and inclusive term. It covers a wide range of people, from music artistes to actors to creatives to influencers; as long as a person falls within the skillset of the entertainment category.

In Nigeria, we seem to have an abundance of these talents, heavily centred around all of these subunits, but some of the more popular talents are the music artistes. Nigerian music has been one of the biggest exports over the years and thanks to social media, it’s only kept growing in leaps and bounds

This growth which has kept these artistes booked and busy, has also kept so many of them very condescending and uncaring to their local audience and this behaviour is displayed in so many ways, from these artistes showing up at events late or drunk or both, sometimes.


Many of these artistes do not perform for the entire time arranged with them as they usually try to schedule many events in one day and give out sprinkle of performances at these venues, in a bid to maximise their revenue, while denying the audience the opportunity to have them perform for the length of time previously agreed on, and then when they do perform, it’s sometimes a struggle hearing them sing incoherently over their produced music coming from the DJ’s speakers.

Ironically, this energy never extends to the foreign audience and the accountability is a lot more present when they perform before the international crowd. They show up for rehearsals, often perform with a live band and when there’s an outrage over a shoddy performance, they are quick to apologise and show this accountability that they have decided is only suitable for this group of people.

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