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How to Make the Best Use of Influencers to Promote Your Business

For the longest time, Influencer Marketing has been referred to as a fad, with many people giving it various timelines for its relevance to wane off but interestingly, it’s only become even more popular globally. Living in a fast-paced world where many people tend to live through their tech devices, it is not very surprising to see how quickly mainstream marketing has found a home on social media.

Away from their primary functions as entertainment platforms; Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook are some of the major homes where Influencer marketing thrives. With millions of people scrolling through their phones and other devices in a bid to see what’s happening around them, they also get to see businesses and products sold to them in various ways, ranging from basic generic style to some of the most creative concepts.

Everyday, Influencers are challenged to up their game to stay ahead of the game and churn out brilliance with each campaign they get onboarded to partake in or risk being left behind and replaced with an even more creative Influencer. Brands are eager to get the engagements and conversions they are paying for and the influencers have to work extremely hard to make sure they tick all of the boxes in the campaign brief as well as appeal to their audience, this is why Influencer selection is so crucial as it is very important to select the right influencers with similar interests as your brand.

Recently, the audience have become very perceptive to paid campaigns on social media and they are very quick to scroll past these posts when they appear, this calls for the influencers to be more organic with their contents. It is very important that influencers are briefed concisely and allowed free rein to be as creative as they can, within the brand guidelines, in this way, they get to be in charge of the process and it seems as natural while still passing the message of the brand.

A successful influencer marketing campaign takes cognizance of all these factors and combines them beautifully to result in a campaign that lives in the mind of the audience long after the campaign is over.

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