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A Trip into the Desperados Collective Playground; We Partied with the Despe Trybe!

The World’s first Tequila flavoured beer and one of the newest additions to the Nigerian Breweries family, Desperados, recently started a re-ignition campaign across the country, one of the first since it was first launched in 2020. This campaign has seen them host a series of events and parties across the country shining the light on creatives and inviting everyone with poise and brilliance to join the Despe Trybe.

We took a deep dive into the festivities at the latest Desperados Collectives Playground party hosted at The Jewel Aeida, in Lekki, Lagos and here’s what went down on the 30th of April! 

It took a quick minute to check-in at the entrance and get our tags and we were immediately ushered down the hallway leading to the main hall which was as grand as it was beautiful. The DJ had already started serving the most jivey tunes and we were ready to party, but not so quick as we were immediately offered a Desperados shot and a spray can. We quickly gulped the shot and went on to the white board to try our hands at painting. 

Heading into the auditorium and we were already grooving! The party had started already and everyone was on their feet, moving in tandem with the beat. Around the room, there were many plain boards set up for selected creatives to practice their crafts as the music played, and it was the most exciting thing watching these artistes create these paintings from scratch!

Afro EDM Duo
Afro EDM Duo

Moving onwards to the DJ stand and we couldn’t stop dancing as various DJ’s kept churning out hits non-stop, WanniXHandi and Afro EDM Duo gave out standout performances as the waiters circled around with exciting varieties of Desperados mixes and finger foods. It was a delightful mashup of Art and Party and the result was glorious.

Giving her speech, the Brand Manager of Desperados, Aboyowa Ikpobe spoke on the importance of growing a community and building a tribe especially in a country like Nigeria, where creatives are in every corner of every city. She spoke on the big plans Desperados have in the coming days for creatives in Nigeria and encouraged everyone to be a part of the Despe trybe.  

Attendees at the Collectives Playground

It was a beautiful night and the creatives in Lagos did come out to play! Follow Desperados Nigeria on Twitter and Instagram to learn more on how to be a part of the Despe Trybe!

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