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Lately, we’ve witnessed a great deal of excitement from the Nigerian Political Space and this is because the general elections are around the corner. With less than 400 days to the Elections and with all of the major political parties across the country getting set to begin their primaries, it’s been the most eventful time keeping up with the flurry as aspirants after aspirants are seen throwing their hats into the ring and formally declaring their intentions to run. 

Naturally, this development has triggered a domino effect on Social media, birthing the trend where many internet users, such as actors, opinion leaders and even apolitical individuals have gone on to formally declare their intentions to run too, sharing their photos alongside hilarious manifestos filled with a list of outlandish and elaborate schemes that they intend to implement once they achieve political success.

Interestingly, INEC, the electoral body which oversees elections in Nigeria, recently announced the commencement of the last quarter of Voter’s registration in the Country ahead of the 2023 elections. Despite all of the excitement, there is still a large number of Nigerians who are yet to register to vote in the coming year. Talking is easy, but talking is not enough, it’s time to show up. In this last quarter, we intend to work together with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to drive voter’s registration and participation. Are you registered to vote in 2023? Let’s get you started with one click.

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