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Notes on Asa’s “V” Album

Mayana starts off very up-tempo and danceable, but it may not have been a great intro to the album. The chorus, while sounding very catchy, doesn’t really make up for how quickly the entire song goes on to sound so repetitive.


Ocean is a very beautiful song, it doesn’t hurt that the beat is very simplistic and a bit monotonous as the vocals does so much justice and just elevates it in a way that sounds so mesmerising and enchanting. Wurld’s vocals were a brilliant addition to the song too. 

IDG: This is one of the better songs on the album. It’s a bit difficult to make out what she says when she starts to speak the language that is not English but it is still very moving. I think it could have sounded even stronger as a duet and Wizkid may not have been the best partner on this track, but thankfully he didn’t ruin the song and it’s still a very solid track in spite of his  ad libs.

Nike was a very moving ballad which was a bit surprising. Yes, Asa is amazing at ballads but the sound was a bit out of her comfort zone and she still played it well. It had a rawness and vulnerability to it that pulled at the heart-strings without turning the listener into a sobbing mess and it’s a sweet balance that deserves all the applause.

In Show Me Off, we get an opportunity to dance. On this track, she asks her partner to show her off in the most simple words. It’s a small list of all the joys she gets from being together with this person and it’s a reassuring reminder of her certainty of this relationship. It passes this message in the most upbeat way.

Morning Man: Interestingly, Morning Man sounds like a sequel of “Show Me Off’. The lyrics are almost identical and even though this song is pretty jivey, it’s not one of the more interesting ones on the album.

Good Times is another lovely tune that sounds like the sweetest hymn. It was a match made in heaven and listening to it sounds like eating ice-cream. Every line sounds so good and Asa’s entrance was perfectly timed. It is entire and whole and perfect.

The lyrics in Believer speak to promises made in relationships and words of affirmation shared between partners. It starts off as a slow build and then crescendos at the chorus. It’s not a party tune but it  still gets you moving side by side as she croons on. 

All I Ever Wanted starts off with the beat playing for a few seconds and then Asa’s voice comes on softly and completely serenades the listener. It’s also infused with a lot of Yoruba, but it’s still pretty much an English song. It’s soothing and ends very sweetly.

Love Me or Give Me Red Wine: This was the perfect way to close the album. It is incredibly soulful and catchy and makes you want to hit the dancefloor the second Asa starts to sing. It’s one of the best songs on the album and one song you would definitely like to have playing on a loop.

Asa’s “V” is an excellent album. It is not without its flaws, but it’s a very remarkable body of work, especially when you consider the fact that this was pretty experimental. It’s  groovy and smooth-sounding qualities makes it an instant hit.

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