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Tiwa Savage, Oxlade and the Problem with Inequity

In the history of Nigerian music, we’ve witnessed an overabundance of nudity leak of various forms and lengths, from blurry photos of these celebrities unclad to lengthy videos of them being engaged in actual sexual intercourse. Despite the fact that this experience has been inclusive to all genders, the response of the public is usually not so evenly divided.

Although it is easy to argue that misogyny plays a huge role in the way the public responds to these scandalous images by these celebrities, usually praising the men on one hand and shaming the women on the other, we’ve seen a few other cases where the reaction has not been so predictable. Men for some reason do not get as much backlash as their counterparts and are usually celebrated for their prowess.

Tiwa Savage

In October 2021, Tiwa Savage revealed in several interviews she granted that she was being blackmailed by someone who had access to a sextape she had filmed with her lover. It’s hard to say how long she had held off the blackmailer but eventually the video got released and went on to garner over 61,000 tweets as at the time of release, bumping Tiwa to the top of the twitter trend list. As expected, majority of these tweets were laden with epistles alluding to the looseness of Tiwa Savage and her lack of a moral compass. Although it wasn’t all gloom, the negatives did outweigh the positives.


Fast forward to February 2022 and another artiste, Oxlade, had the misfortune of being in the same situation, only this time, the reaction was completely different. These videos, at least six different clips, were released in one night, causing him to trend for days. The interesting thing in his case was that the responses were more celebratory in his case. He was applauded for being a total man and his skills were eulogised for days on end. This accolade extended to his music too as he quickly rose on the charts. 

This has apparently become the norm and needs to be tackled. While there have been a few arguments as to the nuance of the argument, it is hard to ignore the misogyny that it is rooted in. Women should have the same kindness and empathy that is extended to men who make mistakes. They never asked to be placed on any moral pedestal. As is popularly said, they are neither saints nor sinners, just women who can be either. 

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