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Why Aren’t Nigerian Female Artistes Getting Their Flowers?

Over the past few months, we’ve gotten new music from the A-listers in the music industry, male and female, but it’s been pretty interesting and a bit dismaying to see that the female folks aren’t getting as much traction as the men who should be on the same level of popularity and fame as the men. Omawumi, Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage all recently released solid albums individually but they do not get the praises and accolades they deserve and I wonder why.

Love Deep, High Life Album Cover

Omawumi’s “Love Deep, High Life” is a very beautiful album with so many upbeat songs like “My Life” where she featured Phyno and sang about being free to live life truly, “Billionaire ( Go Baby)” which spoke on the importance of having a great work-life balance and the occasional gyration. She also tackled societal issues in slower songs like “BS” where she addressed the plethora of challenges of the average Nigerian. The album also featured beautiful ballads such as “Milk and Honey” (ft Brymo) and “Coast to Coast” with Ric Hassani which whilst highlighting a mixture of flawless vocals and sensual lyrics, also induced the old school high-life feeling in the hearts of the listeners.


One thing that I found unique about Yemi Alade’s “QueenDonCom” was the simplicity of the song titles as all the songs were titled with one word. This was another album that had me nodding my head in appreciation whilst listening. I especially enjoyed “Ella”, which seemed to speak on loving with your head and not getting carried away and losing focus. I probably enjoyed “Ike” the most, thanks to the smooth vocals. It’s so well produced and you can tell that she had fun recording this.”Dada” is another song that gets you moving your hips or nodding your head or doing both in unison to the beat.

Water and Garri Album Cover

Tiwa Savage stepped out of her box and then smashed said box with the release of her EP “Water and Garri”. A lot of people were looking forward to hearing her sing “Somebody’s Son” with Brandy, which was not a bad song, albeit slightly overproduced, but nothing could have prepared us for the poetic beauty that was “Work Fada (ft Rich Kid and Nas)”. It was also pretty exciting listening to her delve into the alte space with “Tales by Moonlight” with Amaarae. I wished they had dueted at some point in the song but that doesn’t take away from the beauty that it is. A beauty that also mesmerizes in “Special Kinda” with Tay Iwar. It completely draws you in and is arguably one of the best songs on the album.


Three solid albums released within the third quarter of 2021 and the conversation around this has been muffled. Could it be that the managers aren’t being proactive enough in generating enough publicity for them? Or perhaps it is linked to societal misogyny where the women always have to fight for a seat at the table whilst the men get free platform? Maybe both?

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