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OmoBerry is the Show for the Child You Love

Omoberry is fast becoming a favourite amongst African children and the reason for this is not far fetched. Many viewers have testified that OmoBerry may be the perfect show for the African child because of its originality, simplicity and the way it highlights the African culture. 

Here’s a quick recap of what Omoberry is: Omoberry is a new cartoon programme that’s tailored towards the African community. With a diverse cast that accommodates characters with names from many different African cultures, it is arguably the most “African” cartoon on the internet at the moment. The themes are also very local and afro-centric as well as the dialogue. 

In this era where more people are being encouraged to embrace their culture and mother tongue, this show couldn’t have been more appropriate and important. The songs are also really catchy and easy to understand. It is also very engrossing, it is almost impossible to stop at just one episode when you start to watch Omoberry.

Kudos to the team at Limitless Studios for OmoBerry, one can only wonder the amount of time and energy that went into the research and creation of this show that seems to tick all of the right boxes. A show that you can feel free to have your kids watch unsupervised because it is really obvious to see that a lot of care and attention was devoted into the writing of the script and the development of the characters.

A lot of parents have spoken about their love for Omoberry. So many young parents are thrilled by how relatable it is. They are elated to see a cartoon with characters that share the same skin tone as themselves and their children. A show that, they say, “feels like home.” 

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