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New Coldplay’s single, “Higher Power’ is out of this world

Coldplay releases their latest music titled Higher Power. Coldplay is one of the biggest British rock bands of the century and has released many number one hits over the years. It appears that their latest  hit is titled ‘higher power’, which may be referring to a divinity or godly creation in this case. Coldplay has been known as an alternative rock band, but from time to time, they  displayed a sense of electronica in their music, just as in their new track. 

This time, Chris Martin and his band looked back at the 80s for the inspiration behind their new song. Coldplay’s new single ‘higher power’ goes in a different direction. The band has seamlessly infused the ‘80s into their music and made it a surreal listening experience for every fan. 

With their newest album titled ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, they manage to stay true to their originality in creating music that speaks of love, hope and more. Higher Power feels so good, it will make you want to stop listening to the mainstream music of today- it just feels so good and authentic.

Coldplay fans, your favourite band has finally released a single, and it’s also the title track to their next album, “Ghost Stories.” Packed with 80s vibes, the track presents a Summer pop sound that is both uplifting and retro. With plenty of bells, whistles, and synths to keep you dancing through a long commute. What do you think about the new release? Let us know in the comments!

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