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Humanz Launches Online Academy For Micro-Influencers

Humanz, an influencer marketing platform with artificial intelligence, launches an online academy to develop the skills of micro-influencers. The influencer marketing industry grows every day, but the industry can be tricky  for marketers and influencers alike.

Since launching in 2017, Humanz has been the go-to platform for agencies, brands and influencers looking to collaborate. The new academy has been designed to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions about best practice. The academy includes topics that are geared to teach customers about the nuances of micro-influencer marketing. Unlike other programs that focus on just one part of the influencer puzzle, The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy teaches everything from how to find and reach out to micro-influencers to how to execute a brand campaign with them.

“Influencer marketing is a highly efficient way to reach your target audience and to acquire new customers. However, there are many challenges that marketers face when working with influencers”– from finding the right influencer for the campaign to ensuring a successful collaboration. The goal of The Influencer Marketing Academy is to help marketers overcome these challenges and keep them away from the common mistakes. 

Humanz as a key player in the influencer field connects influencers with brands via influencer marketing has become a common practice for businesses looking to build a target-specific market presence. Typically, this kind of collaboration requires not only the marketer and the influencer to find rapport but also an agency that helps facilitate it. Humanz aims to streamline this process by becoming the digital bridge between marketers and influencers.

The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy is free for registered users on the platform. l and is made up of videos, text and multiple-choice questions. If done in one sitting, The academy takes between one to three hours to complete while providing an overview of the most important knowledge for anyone who wants to generate revenue with their social media presence.

“From the beginning, our mission at Humanz has been to help ensure the sustainable growth of the influencer marketing sector by offering knowledge, data and tools to improve collaborations between marketers and influencers,” says Kobi Dalal, co-founder and CPO of Humanz.

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