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So we all know the gist between Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay but just in case you are lost, let me bring you up to speed. Let’s start at the beginning. Everyone believes this clash was first planted because Seyi and Tiwa were working under the producer Harmony Samuels. Although, Harmony worked with Seyi after losing Tiwa to Mavins which brought about her extreme success. People felt that Harmony was trying to create another “Tiwa”, but that cannot be confirmed.

Anyways, fast-forward to 2015 when Seyi Shay became a Pepsi Ambassador at the same time Tiwa Savage was still an ambassador of the same brand. When Tiwa was asked about how she felt, she deflected and congratulated Davido on joining the Pepsi family. “You are so…ugh… having an interview with this girl is crazy. See I knew you were going to drop this anyway, everybody has heard! What? I am happy for Davido? Of course, I love him, he is absolutely fantastic”.
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A year later, in a March Interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Seyi was asked about her relationship with Tiwa, in which Seyi said: “I don’t really know her personally, so let’s not talk about it… I don’t have that much friends in the music industry. They are my colleagues, we say hello, we say goodbye, and we invite each other to different things and functions that are happening. That is how females are in the industry”. Ebuka later asked her if she had tried reaching out, which Seyi claimed she had not but she would try.
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Fast-forward to 2018 when Lova Lova by Tiwa and Duncan Mighty hit the airwaves, Seyi was shocked to see the video, so she called Tiwa to tell her about her position. She had co-written the song with Nigerian singer-songwriter Ceeza Milli who sold the song to Tiwa without prior notice. Seyi claimed that she had only asked for metadata and rights to the song but she’d been responded to with roadblocks.

Moving on to more recent events; In April 2019 Seyi decided to reignite this clash by recording a diss track against Tiwa in her own version of Kizz Daniel’s #FvckYouChallenge, where she called her various derogatory names. 

Let’s move on to this week’s gist. On Tuesday, June 8th, Seyi and Tiwa had an altercation in a health and beauty salon called Tayo Cuts located at Lekki Phase 1. They exchanged words “in a video” which I’m sure you’ve all seen so I’ll skip that. 24 hours later, Seyi decided to give an exclusive interview on Pulse where she narrated everything from her perspective. Seyi claimed when she walked into the salon and saw Tiwa she could feel tension. When their eyes met, Seyi decided to say hi to ease the tension and Tiwa greeted her back. According to Seyi and an eye witness, Tiwa came 20 minutes later and well you all know what happened from there.
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You are all caught up, what do I think? Not that anyone asked me though, but I feel there has been an issue since Seyi entered the industry and I think the media helped to fuel the clash by comparing Tiwa to Seyi. However, this could have just been resolved with a collaboration or something of a kind. 

At the 2015 interview with Urban FM, the interview was taken out of context. I simply saw it as the topic was sensitive to Tiwa so she deflected from the topic and that was not the first time that an artist has deflected so there was no big deal. She had the right to avoid any question that was sensitive to her. Deflecting was not the smartest choice as it added to the fire that had not even started but it was her choice.

However, I became confused a year later when Seyi did the same thing and she was bashed for it. Okay, not the exact thing, let me explain. When Ebuka asked Seyi about her relationship with Tiwa she said she doesn’t know her personally. I mean a bad set of words on her path but it seems like she was trying not to talk about it. She however went ahead and claimed that she would try and reach out when Ebuka advised her to. I don’t think she said anything bad in this interview. She just said she didn’t know Tiwa on a personal level and would try to reach out. However, everyone blew it out of proportion and took it as an insult especially as it seemed like she wasn’t acknowledging Tiwa.

Regarding the song lyrics issue in 2018, I don’t think it was the best decision for Seyi to call Tiwa and claim rights to the song out of the blue, especially when they have a rocky relationship. It was only natural for Tiwa to act that way. The best thing Seyi could have done was reach out to Ceeza Milli and tell him since he was the one Tiwa communicated with and he could have taken it up from there.

Now the 2019 #FvckYouChallenge where Seyi dissed Tiwa was uncalled for, it didn’t make sense. Seyi was hurt over time I admit, but she also agreed to let it go, only for her to come years later and drop a diss track when the world had moved on. Okay, dropping a diss track is one thing, but calling her all kind of names is the absolute low someone can go. If you want to diss, please drop bars and give good criticism but slut-shaming was not in line. Even after this Tiwa was silent and it became obvious that the two were not on good terms.
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What happened on Tuesday would have been avoided if Seyi decided to just mind her business, but she decided to say hi. This is what most people don’t get. After making it perfectly clear that you are not on good terms with her, why go and greet her? Her reaction was perfectly normal. Maintain the same energy that you had online, offline. If you want to hate someone, hate with your chest don’t go through the corners, please. 

If Seyi truly wanted to resolve it, then that’s great but it’s not something you do in front of other people especially when you’re popular and you know it can lead to an altercation. It should have been a private conversation especially when Tiwa has been open about her feelings. So her saying that makes me think it was said at the moment and she didn’t mean it.

On the other hand, although Tiwa’s reaction was normal, bringing your child into that kind of altercation is wrong. Whether she believes you or not that’s her problem but to bring your child just to prove a point doesn’t make sense even if you were pissed. I also understand that Tiwa was slut-shamed at first but I find it weird that instead of giving constructive criticism and proving to be more mature, she also did the same thing Seyi did. She could have proved her point without slut-shaming but at the same time, I can’t blame her too much since it was in the spur of the moment.

However, various people including me have some speculations about the interview Seyi did. It seemed too “convenient” because an interview like that would take days before it is done but it happened hours after, which makes me think something is wrong. Also, I believe in hearing both sides but Seyi’s side of the story seemed too convenient. It was missing something and it seems like some things were added. Seyi claims that Tiwa commented on how she does not have a child which is bad, however, there is no proof that this was said and Seyi is yet to release the recording she claimed to have. So do you get it when I say it’s too convenient?
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Okay now for the big question, who’s at fault? Well both of them fuelled the clash that was never there since the beginning. However, Seyi crossed a huge line when she made a diss track and slut-shamed Tiwa instead of giving constructive criticism. Obviously, that would hurt anyone and it just escalated when she decided to greet Tiwa expecting everything to be good. Anyways that’s all I have to rant about on today’s episode. See you guys next week on another episode of me ranting because I have nothing better to do with my life. Haha!

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