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Ami Faku by Lala Ngoxolo feat. Emtee- a comforting song to those who lost loved ones

Lala Ngoxolo stands as Ami Faku first single of the year. She paired up wit Emtee to deliver this sensational and emotional track. With 2020 not been what the world thought it would be, and 2021 hasn’t been much different. COVID-19 is still rampant and many south African’s have experienced a greater loss with family and friends who have lost their lives to the virus. 

It’s been hard on everyone, including the entertainment industry. Many lives have been lost and it’s been an absolutely tough feat. But, Ami Faku seems to have the perfect sooting song for the season. She collaborates with the South African hip-hop rapper, Emtee over an impressive track titled “Lala Ngoxolo”, meaning Rest In Peace. 

The Eastern Cape-born vocalist has just created a soundtrack that befits the mood of the country. The track is a tribute to the lives that are lost;

Sobonana kweli linye ilizwe- (we’ll see each other another world)” 

“Akusafani la ma ungekho- (it’s not the same without you)”

“Lala Ngoxolo” is a complete homage to those that have passed on. This will not be the first time the East Cape-born artist is creating a perfect soundtrack for situations happening in the country/world. She has once released one of such tracks, “Imali”, which moved on to be a platinum-selling single off her gold-selling debut album. 

In her words, she says “ From tragic accidents to COVID-19 deaths, the country has suffered a great loss. I hope the song will aid in the journey of overcoming loss in one’s life as we bid farewell to those no longer with us.”

Lala Ngoxolo was realesed on Friday, January 22. Listen Here

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