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“Buss It” by Erica Banks tops the list of the most viral songs of the year

Buss it” is one of the hardest hits of 2021. The track generated a trend that swept everyone off their feet. It caught on everyone, including celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Rico Nasty, Joseline Hernandez, and TikTok influencers. Easily everywhere on the internet, you will find everyone “bussing it”. The challenge involves people showing off their cute and comfy side in regular clothing as Nelly’s song “Hot in Here” plays before transitioning to their baddie-hot outfit once the beat drops on Erica Banks song, “Buss It”. 

The single was first released in June 2020 but it didn’t go mainstream until recently. It has now gone on to become the first viral and hardest trend in 2021. The popularity of the song skyrocketed in the first few weeks of the new year. It has a whole hashtag “bussitchallenge” that trended for several days on Twitter. 

With the popularity this song has gathered over time, it has put Erica Banks on the map as the next female rapper to watch out for. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the latest star; 

The 21-year-old Dallas Rapper stepped into the studio two summers ago. In those two years, she carved out a niche for herself and became a master of her own lane in the rap game. One year after stepping into the studio, she singlehandedly dropped three jaw-dropping mixtapes that earned her thousands of fans online, with a widespread of her freestyle videos on social media. The buzz around her mixtapes and videos got her a deal with 1501 Certified Entertainment, the fastest-growing label in the country. And now, the Dallas rapper is hotter than Texas with her newly released single. 

She has always had attention around her; known to be the girl in Bobos and pigtails. Erica Banks got the looks and the sound. Interesting to know that the innocent beauty has got good brains alongside natural talents. Erica admits she loves being on stage. She says “I always loved being on stage. I was always performing in a school play or engaged in something athletic. I was always involved in something that would show off my talents.”

Everyone is now on the wait to see what Erica Bank serves us with next. 

Listen to “Buss It” Here.

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