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Pink Sweat$ and Donny Hathaway- This Christmas

Just as the holidays is a common time for artists to hop on classic tracks for a remake, Pink Sweat$ seems to have given music lovers a special remake for every season of thanksgiving. “This Christmas” by Pink Sweat$ is a new version of Donny Hathaway’s holiday classic, and it’s just the best way to kick off the holidays. 

This Christmas” is such a thoughtful and amazing remake to get music lovers in the mood of a Pink Christmas. It’s amazing and lovable how Pink Sweat$ gave the track a modest touch-up while retaining the original voice of Donny Hathaway. No unnecessary tune or makeover on the remake; Pink Sweat$ gave room for Donny Hathaway’s iconic vocal to shine through while he holds the verses down with melodic perfection to give a truly magical and outstanding track.

Quotable lyrics from the song; 

Presents and cards are here

My world is filled with cheer, and you This Christmas

And as I look around Your eyes outshine the town, they do

This Christmas”

The video is another reason why you’d love this track. It’s an animated lyric video showing updates through Sweat$ rose-colored glasses. It’s fun to watch the pink teddy bear stroll through a winter wonderland. 

This track is a sound for every home. 

Add ‘This Christmas’ to your holiday playlist now.

The Philadelphia singer has good songs to his name. ‘Honesty’ is one of those solid tracks that earned Pink Sweat$ accolades. He had a remix on ‘Honesty’, featuring Jessie Reyez, and a live performance during the Soul Train Awards, 2009. Another track by Sweat$ you might want to check out is “I Wanna Be Yours” feat Crush. The soulful track is available now on all digital retailers and streaming platforms HERE.

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