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Love Cycle by ENISA

The Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Enisa Nikaj, popularly known as ENISA has just released a body of great music titled ‘Love cycle’. Within a short period of its release, it has gained so much popularity on different social media platforms and music charts. It has been on TV stations in five countries in East Africa. It is currently on music charts in countries like Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigerian, and a lot more. In India, Triller included this single in two top playlists. ‘Love cycle’ was produced by Connor McDonough. This song is about trying to get out of a Love cycle she’s been stuck in.

In the first verse of this song, she sang about strong connections and how she couldn’t resist no matter how hard she tried.

“Running around in circles I just can’t get you out of my head. Fight the connection but the emotion keeps pulling me in”

The chorus is quite captivating and interesting. She sang about how she can’t break away anymore and how she has become a slave to the rhythm.

“Would shut it down but I want it too much, I am a slave to the rhythm I can’t break away”

The captivating part of the chorus is where she said 

   “La la la la la la love cycle”

It will make you get up and dance to the song.

 Love Cycle by ENISA

In the second verse, she came in full force, saying she thought they were supposed to make their intentions clear but somehow, she can’t break away from the love cycle.

 “The more I try to keep my hands off you, the more I want you here”. She repeated the chorus and ended the song beautifully with a post-chorus. You should listen to the song, you’d fall in love with it. She recently just released the visuals for the ‘Love Cycle’ and it’s trending on all platforms. It’s quite an exquisite and classy video. This video has about 621 thousand views and counting.

 ENISA was born in 1996. She grew up in Brooklyn. She started singing quite early; at the age of 3. When she got to elementary school, she started taking the lead on musicals and school plays. She recently sang the National Anthem in front of over 20,000 audiences at a popular sporting event, “The Red Hook Criterium”. ENISA became known internationally for performing cover songs of artists like Hozier and Adele in 2015. In 2016,  she released her debut single titled ‘Burn This Bridge’. Ever since 2016, she has been releasing amazing singles such as “reunite” in 2018, wait for love, count my blessings, and many more.  She is currently signed to Atlantic Records and Highbridge the Lable. Her audience is increasing as she has gained up to 20 thousand followers in just a week. She is going to be a part of the Bruno Mars cover series, where she will be covering the song titled ‘Grenade’. We keep our fingers crossed as we anticipate her next project.

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