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Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign‘s third studio album “Featuring Ty Dolla Sign” is a mastery of intricate, infectious, and melodious tracks with A-list features. Spawling 25 tracks, the album features some of the hottest collabs we haven’t seen in a while. Ty Dolla $ign leans into his contemporary style on this album with notable guest appearances on more than half of it. 

Featuring Ty Dolla $ign is quite a busy one, featuring almost every LA top rapper and singer; from Kid Cudi to Gunna, Nicki Minaj, Roddy Ricch, and others. Ty is popular for his all-star features, and this new album is no different. His musical range is impressive, and he keeps reminding us of that. The sweet falsetto, blunt lyrical style, and gliding transition are all in our faces in “Featuring Ty Dolla  $ign.” The album opens with a clip of his brother, Big TC recorded from the prison, once again reminding us that Ty is a bundle of talent. He says with his voice crackling through the phone “ You really doing them a favor, blessing them with your talent. You can sing, rap, write, produce, engineer, and master. You know how to do everything.”

Some of the best tracks off this album are “Expensive” feat Nicki Minaj, which was pre-released before the entire album release. “Temptation” feat Kid Cudi; this track sounds like some trippy club song with woozy drums. It’s thrilling how Ty Dolla $ign switches between thirsty and gentle with some random hard whips from Kid Cudi. This particular track “Temptation” bangs. “Powder Blue” feat Gunna has a lifting interlude and more guitar play than the average Ty’s song. 

“By Yourself” feat Jhene Aiko shows Ty at his best. It’s a heartwarming, soulful, therapeutic, infectious, and thrilling song women will love. The choice of guest artist shows Ty has got some great insight because no one would have done this track better than Jhene Aiko. “Real Life” ft Roddy Ricch and Mustard plays out exactly how you think; it’s nothing short of expectation. The track is one of the best on Ty’s new album. The flow, melody, beat, and just everything is well in tune.

“Track 6” feat Kanye West, Anderson. Paak and Thundercat is a hit. The title sounds basic but it‘s full of catchy vibe with explosive raps. Kanye West did the hook on this and the explosive raps were dished by Anderson. Paak. “Track 6” is easily one of the tracks you want to have on repeat.  Ty got Post Malone on “Spicy”. “Spicy” has the right beat and lyrics for club night grooves. The duo gave a smooth blend on this track. Aye, it’s indeed spicy! 

The album features interludes from the likes of Serpentwithfeet and Burna Boy. Other tracks on “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” include; Intro, “Status”, “ Freak”, “Double R”, “ It’s still free TC”, “Burna Boy- Interlude”, ”Tyrone 2021”, “ Better than your exes”, “Universe”, “Lift me up”, “Time will tell”, Dr. Sebi”, “Everywhere”, “Slow it down”, Your turn”, “Return”, and “Ego death”

Again, “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” showcases Ty Dolla’s influence and versatility and influence in the industry. The album is action-packed with spicy lyrics, soothing melody, club bangers, lithe jams, and numerous vibes to catch. It’s a complete album! Available on all platforms

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