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AYA – Aya Nakamura

You don’t have to speak French to love the multi-platinum, Malian-born artiste, Aya Nakamura. Only if you look a little beyond your regular playlist, you will discover there are some incredible music from talented artists to listen to out here. From the days of DjaDja to Jolie Nana, she has steadily been topping charts and stream boards all over the world. Aya Nakamura has put her sleek, smooth, and energetic vibe into a new album, AYA for 2020. 

Aya Nakamura, the most listened to French artist flipped the rules of typical French music to give her fans a fusion of Afropop and reggaeton in her highly anticipated album that is now released under Warner Music. The new project is a body of work consisting of electrifying tunes and beats across the tracks. Aya Nakamura should be applauded for the vocal strength and consistent flows she manifested throughout the album.

The first song off the album is Jolie Nana; released in July. The single went mainstream quickly and topped the charts for four consecutive weeks, and soon went platinum with over 200 million views. Aya released a second single “Doudou” off the album in October. “Doudou” reflects more of an Afro/ Naija influence. We are not even done enjoying ‘” Doudou” when she decided to slam us with the full album.

She announced the release of the new album just as her last album, “ NAKAMURA” surpasses 1 million sales and over 3.5 million streams across Africa, Europe, Latin America, and globally. This album earned Aya not less than 10 diamond and platinum-certified singles. 

AYA is officially out with notable features from Stormzy on the opening track, OBOY, and Ms Banks. The tracks in the album include Plus Jamais (feat. Stormzy), Tchop, Doudou, Jolie nana, Fly, Biff, Sentiments grandissants, Love de moi, Ça blesse, Mon chéri, Hot, Nirvana, La machine, Mon Lossa (feat. Ms. Banks), and Préféré (feat. OBOY).

Aya Nakamura has a unique lyric style, which she gracefully blends with Afrobeat, pop, and R&B. The New York Times named her as “One of the most important acts in Europe now, musically, and socially” while The Guardian called her “Afropop’s face of empowerment”. Aya Nakamura has been able to claim her spot as the most listened to francophone singer worldwide. 

Whether Francophone or not, it’s easy to fall in love with Aya’s unique style of singing and pop-infused rap. 

Enjoy the music here.

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