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Candy Bleakz Gets Nominated In “Best Female Rap Act” Category At AFRIMMA

Candy Bleakz isn’t called “The Dargon Lady” for nothing. Her power moves, doggedness, and fighting spirit in the music industry are starting to rub off, and she’s beginning to get the recognition she deserves. Candy has now been nominated for the 2020 AFRIMMA award in the category “Best Female Rap Act” alongside 9 other female artists from other countries. 

The 21-year-old AFRIMMA nominee came into limelight during her time with the “Street Billionaire.” She’s popularly known for her unique rap voice, raw bars, and eccentric fashion sense. She is simply an embodiment of

 a superstar. Earlier this year, she was signed to Chocolate City Music, where she has been making applaudable music moves.

As soon as she joined Chocolate City Music, she released a single titled “Kelegbe,” and just very recently, she released another single, “Won La.” “Won La” is a highly energetic tune and one of the most commonly played songs around town right now. Candy hopped on this with so many catchy lines and bars.

She didn’t keep her fans waiting endlessly before serving visuals to “Won La.” The colorful video showcase a world of good vibes and fun- a temporary escape from all worries and life’s threats. So much energy and good vibes. And more interestingly, there’s a dance style for this track. Start streaming and keep streaming to learn the “Won La” dance.

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