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Parenting A Child With Down Syndrome

When you have a child with Down Syndrome, one of the major things you should do first is learn as much as you can about Down syndrome and useful day to day tips to care for and support your special child and yourself. As a parent, you should know that children with Down Syndrome are very much like other children. They are neither a problem nor a burden. They are just blessed with an extra chromosome. Such a blessing!

Like every child, they have emotions and moods; they like to play, learn new things, and enjoy life. All you have to do is let them! Provide them with the chance and environment to do these things. Children are not to be locked away, so help them enjoy positive experiences by exploring new places and meeting new people. 

For your child’s health aspect, you will need to give special attention to the physical and intellectual interaction. Your child may health problems that require extra care, but not all kids with Down syndrome have health problems. Therefore, you are advised to work with professionals in charge of your child’s health to address and understand your child’s specific needs. 

Helpful tips for training and motivating your kid

Children with Down Syndrome are special, so they require a little more care and attention. You will often find that these kids experience delayed speech and language development. They have a more challenging time learning to talk than with understanding what they hear. But, with training and attention from you, they are soon to get it right. 

When teaching/educating your child, ensure that the overall priority is not different from what is set for any child. The priorities of educating should be developing new skills ( speech, language, and others), learning appropriate mannerisms, and learning to achieve independence. The following are helpful tips for parents who have children with Down Syndrome;

  • Love your child and treat him or her as you would treat a child without an extra chromosome. Make time to play, read together, have fun together, and go out to see places together. Give your child as many opportunities to explore, just like other kids.
  • Help then learn with visual contents (pictures and videos). Simone’s Oasis is serving great content for kids with Down Syndrome. They create multimedia projects, including illustrations, animation, music, educational resources ( they have a book club) to target kids within 0-9 years, with or without special needs.
  • Have your child play and mix with other kids who have Down syndrome and those who don’t have.
  • Encourage them to be independent with grooming, getting dressed, etc. It’s good to have them do day-to-day tasks own their own. 
  • Have your child do chores around the house.
  • Join a social community! Simone’s Oasis is a social community for kids with and without special needs. Here, your child will develop social skills and also have fun while at it. Simone’s Oasis is a social support group for kids and parents. Parents get to share their challenges about raising a child with Down Syndrome and learn how other parents are able to pull it off graciously. 

For any parent raising a child with Down Syndrome, joining a community like Simone’s Oasis is essential and highly recommended. It is a community for everyone, including kids without special needs and parents without children with special needs. Simone’s Oasis constantly raises campaigns to educate people in the society about Down Syndrome and help them understand that every kid is exceptional and deserves love after all. 

A little about Simone’s Oasis 

Simone’s Oasis was founded by Tonye Faloughi, a mother of two kids with Down Syndrome in Lagos, Nigeria. Ugo is a 6-year-old boy with a curiosity like that of Kitty, the cat while Sim Sim is a cute 5-year-old social bird. She loves books, music, and dancing.

With real-life experiences from parenting two kids with Down Syndrome, Tonye Faloughi started a community for kids and parents to catch up with Ugo and Sim Sim as they take up daily challenges, learn to be independent and about life generally. Day in, day out, she releases relatable multimedia content that shows the life of individuals with special needs leading a normal life as opposed to myths that have been pitched about them in the past. 

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