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5 Painless Ways To Get More Fans And Get Your Music Noticed

Getting your music out there in the ears of people who will love and become your fans is important. Marketing is one of the essential tools to get your music on everybody’s lips. It doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable; you have to take the lead in blowing your trumpet while others come through.

Thanks to the internet, there are endless possibilities for marketing your music to reach more people. Promoting your music doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or confusing because, at the end of the day, genuinely effective promotion comes down to your ability to fulfil just two things;

  • Reach new people who are likely to enjoy your music.
  • Communicate with your fans in a really authentic and engaging way.

Mastering these two things will not only boost the number of fans that you have but will also help you grow and gain more active fans who genuinely support you and your music. Now, let’s consider the five painless ways to get more fans;

Tap into your existing audiences

To gain more fans and get noticed, you need to be able to engage and hold the attention of your existing audience. Make consistent efforts to always be in their faces, build a deep relationship with them to make them super fans who will support your career all the way up. Use communication channels and social media platforms to your advantage. Keep them expecting and looking forward to your email newsletter, social media posts, or new music.

Get on Spotify playlists

Music fans use Spotify to find new music and discover new artists, making it one of the best platforms to get millions of music fans to notice your music. So, as an upcoming artist looking to get more fans and get your music noticed, get on Spotify to put your music in the face of millions of potential fans.

To promote your music on Spotify, you must be using Spotify for Artists. Set up your profile- add your bio, update your images,  and access other tools that help you understand the approach to promoting music on Spotify. Once Spotify confirms you, you will be in charge and be able to pitch your song to the playlist editors, build your followers, promote your new release, and get your fans streaming. 

Energize your fans with giveaways

Everyone loves a free lunch! You can get people to download or stream your exclusive track in exchange for an email address or run a merch giveaway. You are likely to earn more fans in the process. 

Get the content you have to reach new people

Two major ways to get your content to reach more people is to build a mailing list and build a relationship with influencers in the music industry. As mentioned above, you can offer an incentive to get the email address of music fans. On the part of influencers, one tweet or post from an influencer with a large follower base could be a significant turnaround for your music career.

If you are an upcoming artist with zero contacts and new to music, try networking events, local industry meetups, and conferences to get more ears listening to your song. 

Use Live streaming to extend your reach

You have several streaming platforms to keep your fans entertained. Some streaming platforms you can leverage to promote your music include Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and others. Consistently giving your existing fans Live performances to vibe to and stay entertained will get you noticed and earn you new fans.

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