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YouTube Music Premium is Honestly The Best Thing Ever!

YouTube Music Premium has put an amazing music experience out here for all music fans to enjoy. While YouTube Music offers access to ad-supported and free personalized playlists, albums, and the rest, YouTube Music Premium is a paid membership with access to more features, including downloads, background listening, and an ad-free experience.  

YouTube Music Premium is a more refined version of YouTube Music, where users have access to YouTube Originals, including popular shows and the latest music videos. The Premium version is an all in one package with an amazing user interface to enhance a more positive experience. 

Music fans can now listen to official song videos, albums, EPs, live performances you can’t find anywhere else. All of these, you will enjoy ad-free. 

Best of all, YouTube Music paid membership allows you to download new music and listen to music completely ad-free in the background. You can create an offline mixtape that automatically downloads your favorite songs just in case you forget to. 

The platform allows fans and artists to connect over uninterrupted and seamless music experience. Now, you can upgrade to YouTube Premium to enjoy the best features of Music Premium, including ad-free experience, background listening, and downloads across all of YouTube.

You can try YouTube Premium free for the first month, after which you are charged N1,000 per month or N1,700 per month for a Family Plan. Now you can enjoy everything from your favorite albums to remixes, covers, and videos. 

The platform offers a personalized experience that dynamically adapts to the environment to provide recommendations based on what you are doing, your music history, where you are, etc. It helps you explore and learn new music perfect for your mood and activity. 

Are you at the gym? YouTube suggests something to keep you motivated while working out. At the airport? YouTube suggests something relaxing for you before the flight.

For artists, YouTube generates over a billion views every month, and that makes it a great potential for artists and music fans alike. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so having your music on YouTube is a smart move to getting your video seen by the global audience. 

YouTube Music is artist-friendly, and it makes it absolutely easy for music fans to explore songs, albums, live performances, and EPs from different artists. 

It’s honestly the next best thing to try right now. 

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