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Using The Humanz App: For A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign!

Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing marketing strategy worldwide. It is a sweet blend of the old and new marketing tools. It infuses the idea of celebrity endorsement into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign to improve brand recognition.

What makes it unique is that it isn’t exclusive to celebrities in the society. It goes beyond that circle and extends to influencers, many of whom may have never considered themselves famous beyond the internet. Although, it is worth noting that these influencers must have built a keen and engaged audience to be involved in the process.

One of the major reasons why influencer marketing works is that it is much more relatable to consumers. And now many businesses are leveraging influencer marketing to boost sales and direct traffic to their websites. The following are benefits your brand enjoys with a successful influencer marketing strategy;

  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Build brand trust
  • Grow your social following
  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Drive sales

How to pull off a successful Influencer Marketing campaign

First of all, it is very important to decide on your approach to finding influencers. Do proper research on the relevance, reach, and engagement potential of the influencer you are looking to work with. Sometimes, you may only need micro-influencers or nano-influencers whose words are gold and can drive engagement to the brand.

Next in line should be your budget. Plan your budget and consider the payment structure that fits your goals. And, of course, be strategic. Develop a schedule; integrate with your PR schedule and product release schedule.

Challenges associated with Influencer Marketing: The biggest challenge in influencer marketing is the inability to identify relevant influencers. A lot of accounts tend to amass a lot of followers without having a niche, which makes it difficult to know what campaigns are suitable for them. So, it’s most important to find influencers that can connect with your target emotionally and psychologically.

Also, influencer marketing is resource-intensive, and there’s usually the concern of brand safety. So, we like agencies and brands to understand that quality assessment is needed when selecting influencers to push their brands because having a large following doesn’t equal influence. They have to be able to connect with your audience effectively and protect your brand reputation while at it.

To solve the challenges associated with influencer marketing, we have developed an app, Humanz that simplifies the struggles of finding the right influencer for your campaign. Humanz aims to help brands engage and activate audiences through influencers with engagement capacity.

Humanz is specifically designed to make influencer marketing as accessible, reliable and trustworthy as programmatic media channels while offering valuable insights throughout to both marketers and influencers. This is a simple and smart tool that can be utilized in selecting the best social media influencers for advertiser’s specific needs. It makes influencer marketing simple, transparent and integrated within the marketing funnel.

The Humanz application is a social intelligence tool, geared towards effective influencer campaign planning and management for online merchants, marketers and agencies, looking for reliable data, tools and benchmarks. The technology behind the platform is unique, based on two main sets of proprietary algorithms;

  • Providing the most advanced solution on the market for the largest problems faced when dealing with influencer marketing
  • Providing accurate data, fraud detection and ROI tracking.

It is worth noting that the best influencer marketing works because it relies on both social and content marketing tools where credibility and integrity has already been established by your target audience.

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