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The Best Ways Fans Can Support Artists During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting numerous businesses all around the globe, the music industry is no exclusion from the stifling effects of the virus. The pandemic has led to the cancelation of all planned concerts that fans have eagerly anticipated, and it has become impossible for fans to give their favorite artists live support as it was prior to COVID-19. All fan love and support are now limited to social media.

Looking at the bigger effects, artists have lost millions of dollars on ticket sale losses, which has caused financial anxiety for many them as no one saw the pandemic coming. Much worse is that of event organizers and other workers in the music industry who have only relied on live events to make ends meet.

However, as a fan, there are ways you can keep supporting your favorite artists and the music industry during this economic struggle. Here are ways fans can keep the love alive and increase their support, both socially and financially;

Keep up on Social Media

A lot of artists are now taking to social media platforms to connect with their fans. They go on Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon daily, raising various hashtag challenges, Q&A sessions, song covers just to do what they do best, and connect with their fans. Since this has been the new normal, you can support them by joining them live and participating in challenges.

Stream, stream, and continue to stream!

Even though a live concert is not possible at the moment, artists are now going for an online alternative so fans can watch them perform. You can livestream your favorite artist’s performance on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram Live, and others. All they ask is for you to keep up with them and show support. In return, you get to enjoy watching them do what they do best.

Donate to Artists via PayPal or Cash App

Down to the financial aspect, the best way to donate to artists and other industry workers is through their online channels. Money made through online concerts often goes into a lot of pockets; the manager, record label, publisher, producer, and other professionals involved all get their deserved share. But, if you want to donate to artists personally and directly, you can do that on their personal channels or buy their products.

Save Your Ticket for the Post Coronavirus Concert 

Have you bought a ticket for a concert that has now been canceled? No need to seek a refund. Why not keep that ticket for the post Coronavirus concert? Most artists have plans to reschedule their concerts, and once the pandemic is over your tickets will be honored. You should keep up with the artists and learn how they plan to honor the tickets.

How are you keeping up with your favorite artists right now?


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