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Facebook is merging Instagram with Messenger- WhatsApp could be next

In a bid to provide an advanced seamless messaging experience for social media users, Facebook has implemented the long-awaited cross messaging system by merging Instagram direct messages and Messenger chat. This new feature allows you to access both inboxes from the same place.

Instagram users are beginning to see a pop-up on the Instagram app, informing them of this update. The pop-up reads “ There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”. The update comes with a list of features, including a new colorful look for your inbox, swipe-to-reply, more emoji reactions, and chat with friends who use Facebook right from your Instagram direct messages.

Here is what the pop-up looks like;

According to The Verge, the update is for both iOS and Android devices. Once updated, users begin to enjoy this functionality; the look and feel of your Instagram direct messages changes and looks more like Messenger. However, users cannot currently message their Facebook friends with the Instagram app, but this is likely to change in the next few days.

To those who love how things are and are not ready for the change, you will be happy to know that the update is optional for now, and you can decline it. The Verge explains that even if users do not agree to the update on their Instagram app, they will still receive a message request from their Facebook account. The Facebook notice includes a link to Facebook’s privacy policies and options to update now or delay the update.

If everything goes right with this update, then it’s safe to say we expect the integration of the Facebook-family apps that was derailed by the pandemic. Zuckerberg has earlier said the cross-app functionality will take place in 2020. This could be the next step to combine the two services with WhatsApp.

Once this integration is completed, users will be able to communicate with one another across the three platforms.

How do you feel about this integration?

Would rather have the Facebook apps messaging system cross-connected or that they remain separate?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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